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Efest IMR 18650 3000mAh 35A Flat Top battery Efest IMR 18650 3000mAh 35A Flat Top battery

High quality, rechargeable batteries from Efest that are available in a variety of different sizes and capacities. Please ensure you are selecting the correct battery for your device before purchasing. Size 18650Nominal Capacity 3000mAhNominal Voltage 3.7VMaximum Voltage 4.2VDischarge: 20A Continuous, Rated 35A Max Pulse by EfestStyle Flat TopProte..


Efest Soda Dual Charger Efest Soda Dual Charger

Efest Soda Dual Battery ChargerThe Efest Soda charger is capable of charging two batteries simultaneously. Both slots monitor and charge independently.The charger can be adjusted to rapid or normal charging.Compatible with the following lithium rechargeable batteries. 10440 / 14500 / 14650 / 16340 / 16650 / 17670 / 18350 / 18490 / 18500 / 18650.Mai..


Efest xSmart Charger Efest xSmart Charger

Features.As power bank for charging a cellphoneLow power indicator: battery discharger =0.6VCE and RoHs certifications Spring made by piano wire, it provides a smooth sliding action when installing and removing batteriesSteel cathode with low resistance and hard chromium plating processing to achieve a more precise charging voltageCE and RoHs certi..


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