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Doozy Vape Co Berry Pie ELiquid 50ml

Pastry crumble with a smooth satisfying blend of berry and cinnamon that oozes warmth and flavour!  This vape will take you back to your favourite des..


Doozy Vape Co Cool Crush ELiquid 50ml

On the inhale, the distinct blue raspberry slush followed by a burst of subzero that combines the berries and brings this to the fore.  Perfectly chil..


Doozy Vape Co Golden Elixir ELiquid 50ml

A smooth tobacco perfectly combined with caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla. This golden mixture will leave you mesmerised. The taste of warm melted..


Doozy Vape Co Lush ELiquid 50ml

The finest English strawberries mixed with smooth clotted cream. This lovely treat is a firm British favourite!  The inhale provides the sweetness of ..


Doozy Vape Co Nektar ELiquid 50ml

The unforgettable taste of sweet mangoes, fused with a variety of different apples. The taste of mango takes the lead on the inhale and a wave of appl..


Doozy Vape Co Orange Chill ELiquid 50ml

Orange on the rocks with a twist of Lime.  The perfect level of coolness to make your mouth water on the inhale, followed by a mixture of orange and l..


Doozy Vape Co Pink Haze ELiquid 50ml

Zingy lemon and a concoction of citrus fruits with a tangy edge. Fusing the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that culminates into one of the be..


Doozy Vape Co Tropikana ELiquid 50ml

A blend of succulent mangoes with lychee and pineapple freshly combined for your enjoyment.  As you exhale this delicious vape, expect maximum aroma o..


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